Deep and Personal with Tom Dutta, Chair of the MDABC Board of Directors

tom dutta

Hi my name is Tom Dutta.  Would it be ok with you if I went deep and personal for a bit?

I’ve been associated with MDABC for over 7 years and want you to know that I’m just an average guy who has a passion to “Make the world a better place through mental health wellness”.

I’d love it if everyone on the planet knew my true story so I’m sharing it through this blog, on my video (the “about” page) and everywhere I go.  When I was young I experienced mental health issues all around me.  My mom struggled with depression and anxiety and I grew up with a military father who struggled with alcohol addiction.  My younger brother was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in his teen years and I remember my uncle’s son was found hanging in a barn in the Fraser Valley.  When I met my wife of 20 years now, Anna, I found more incredible stories of suicide and depression in her extended and immediate family and today in my professional career I see and meet people all the time who have a story about mental health wellness.

At an early age I found success in the corporate world.  My dad was a teacher and blue collar worker and mom was a nurturer and protector….as an immigrant to Canada at age 3 I only knew how to work hard and help other people.  Life was a puzzle for me and I usually put others needs ahead of my own so I built a career starting as a bank teller and worked to live and support my family.  Thirty years later as I look back my career went from teller to CEO but there was always this dark side of me.  Anna used to tell me how wonderful I was and remark on my successes but I couldn’t see or feel it myself.  Continue reading “Deep and Personal with Tom Dutta, Chair of the MDABC Board of Directors”