Three Things


Three Thi

Part of the MDABC philosophy is the notion that practicing good self-care is essential to positive mental health.   Making sure that you reserve time to do the things that you enjoy and find relaxing and/or invigorating is one way in which you can take good care of yourself.

To help you start thinking about introducing or continuing with activities that you enjoy, we asked the staff of MDABC to share their answers to the following question,

“What are three things that you do to feel happy and well?”.

Here are some of their replies:

Jenny West, Information Coordinator

I like to cook/bake as I find the process relaxing and productive.

I enjoy reading as I feel like I can live the lives of fictional characters and get a temporary break from the world around me.

I often stare at the sky and get lost in the shapes and movements of the clouds (even on rainy days) as I find this can be very calming for the mind.

Martin Addison, Executive Director

Three things that I do that make me feel happy and well include reading a book for its meditative properties, jumping from an airplane for its enhancement of focus and mindful composure, and talking to my son over a cold beer which reminds me that I am part of the human race.

Polly Guetta, Development Coordinator

A walk in nature usually makes me feel peaceful and refreshed so I make sure that I go for a long walk when the sun makes an appearance.

I love to read because I find it so relaxing, and I learn so much. I am always looking for recommendations so if you have any – please pass them along to me!

If I feel my mood slipping, I always try to practice gratitude in order to fight against those horrible feelings of negativity. I have a lot to be thankful for and if I make an effort, I can be aware of all of the beautiful moments that happen every day.

Catherine St. Denis, Operations Manager

To keep happy and well, I do jigsaw puzzles to keep my mind off my troubles. I spend time with my son to have someone who loves me in my presence, and I see a counselor who gives me professional help to deal with issues that come up.

Mary Burns, Counselor

Run outside on sunny days

Cook a nice meal and share it with someone

Make time to be alone and do whatever my heart desires

Teri Doerksen, Wellness Centre Receptionist  

I work on crossword puzzles.

I go to the gym 3 times a week.

I try to remember the mantra: be gentle with yourself!

Rose Record, Counselor

Getting outside. Although it’s not always easy in rainy Vancouver, I find that getting some fresh air even if just for a short period of time) energizes me and lifts my mood.

Connecting with my friends and family.

Trying to squeeze in time for mindfulness and yoga.


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