The MDABC invites you to come and add your wish to our Wellness Wishing Tree

singapore tree
Wishing Tree in Singapore

We are all so excited here at the MDABC as we get ready to participate in the Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre this weekend. We will have a booth set up for all three days (Feb. 12th, 13th, and 14th), and MDABC Counsellor Valentina Chichiniova will be presenting a workshop on “Mindful Relationships” on the Living Well stage on Friday, February 12th at 5:15 pm.

spain wishing tree
Wishing Tree in Spain

We are also going to be bringing the tradition of the Wishing Tree to the show and we will be inviting people to write down their wellness wish or goal and join us by hanging it on our tree.

A Wishing Tree is an individual tree that is chosen by a community as a space to offer notes and offerings in order to gain fulfillment of a wish. It is a centuries-old tradition that is cross-cultural. Wishing trees can be found all over the world and are common in Scotland, Ireland,Holland, Japan, and China among other places.​

The capacity for hope is a universal human trait, and the act of writing a note on a piece of paper, cloth, or wood, and placing it on a tree with other people, gives a sense of unity in support of the cause, dream, or blessing. ​

All over the world the tradition of the Wishing Tree is taking root as way of promoting good will and positivity so we hope that you will visit our booth and take part in this activity!




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